2019 ACVR Resident Research Grant Awards


Congratulations! The following Residents were awarded ACVR grants for their proposed research:

  • Dr. Elodie Huguet - Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas: "The use of ultrasonographic shear wave elastography in differentiating benign versus malignant splenic masses in dogs diagnosed with an acute non-traumatic hemoperitoneum". Mentor: ACVR Sponsor: Clifford Berry, DVM, DACVR. The grant was funded by the Veterinary Ultrasound Society.
  • Dr. Marc A. Seitz - Mississippi State University: "The effect of sedation with dexmedetomidine on the ultrasonographic appearance of the gallbladder wall and velocity and diameter of the portal vein, caudal vena cava, and aorta in dogs". Mentors: Erin Brinkman, DVM, DACVR and Alison Lee, DVM, MS, DACVR. The grant was funded by the ACVR.
  • Dr. Christopher R. Tollefson - Mississippi State University: "The effects of Sildenafil on Portal Vein Velocity, Cross-sectional area, and congestion index in the dog”. Mentor: Alison M. Lee DVM, MS, DACVR. The grant was funded by the ACVR.